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Work flow

Location entries in the NGGJ are written according to a defined procedure. The online editor of the NGGJ takes care of it automatically. It ensures every author involved is mentioned. So you can just start writing. On the following page the procedure is explained:


One or more registered users write a location's entry using the NGGJ Online Editor. Once they agree that it is ready for publication, they submit it to the NGGJ.

Editorial staff

The editorial staff check the content and quality of the contribution and stay in contact with the authors in case any question may occur. If they approve the submitted entry, it will be published with accurate information about the author under a CC BY-NC-SA license.


The entry is now published worldwide. From now on it can be read and, under certain conditions, edited, supplemented or reused by third parties. Further use, even outside the NGGJ, is allowed if the source is correctly indicated.


In the event that one or more of the authors, the NGGJ editors or third parties modify or supplement an article, a new document is created. With reference to the original authors and the changes made, reference is made to the previous version.

Quality assurance

Each new version of an article is proofread before being published. This moderation ensures that the academic requirements of the contributions are always met.